Real estate listing books, that is.

Zook Cty. Line Rd. Front Elevation

A 1928 fairy tale house designed by Harold Zook

For sale: A beautifully maintained Cotswold-style home designed by Harold Zook, an architect whose whimsical, organic style endures in many homes in Chicago’s suburbs.  This home sits atop a little hill on a popular street in my town. Since its construction in 1928, each owner has taken care to preserve the character and idiosyncrasies of a signature Zook home. Let’s take a look inside.

Zook Cty. Line Rd. Door

Welcome home to a door with irreplaceable original hardware.

Zook Cty. Line Rd.Livingroom

The living room contains Zook’s chevron-design radiator covers and an original-looking light fixture.

Zook Cty. Line Rd. Fireplace

The stonework in the living room fireplace echoes the chevron design applied to the radiator covers.

Zook Cty. Line Rd. DR

The wood paneling and beamed ceiling in the dining room make for warm gatherings. Note the continuation of the chevron design in the radiator covers.

Zook Signature Window

Present in just about every Zook home: The signature spider-web window. Zook employed web motifs in many elements of his homes.

Zook Cty. Line Rd. Staircase

A graceful staircase leads you up to the second floor.

Zook Cty. Line Rd. BR

This bedroom features not only an original fireplace, but what looks to be artwork depicting a seascape. Note the mirrors on the three closet doors.

Zook Cty. Line Rd. Billiard Rood

The basement, with beautifully exposed ceiling beams, features a vintage billiards table.

At the time of this writing, the home is for sale for $1.28 million.  I hope the next owner is another splendid caretaker of this very special residence.