In a western suburb dominated by teardowns, this 1929 home stands apart on almost a full acre.  This is what an estate should look like.  It keeps a polite distance from the street, and doesn’t shout, “lookee here, I’m rich!”  Having said that, one must have a few bucks in the pocket to afford the $2.8 million asking price.

Its back yard features an allee of tree, providing an atmosphere of grand space.

The courtyard provides an elegant, private outdoor space.

The interior is updated, but is faithful to the original design.

Let’s hope that this beauty remains intact for a new generation to enjoy.

The listing.

If you really insist upon a Mediterranean that screams, “I’m money, and you ain’t,” here’s one for you, a couple of blocks away.  It’s also for sale, and let’s hope the new owners get out the wrecking ball.