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Can you tell I am a fan of this renowned architect? As I mentioned in a previous post, I do not know whether it is the sluggish economy, a general need to downsize, or escalating property taxes, but an unusual number of Adler-designed homes are for sale.  This gives us a unique opportunity to “go inside” these private residences, and appreciate what their owners have done to maintain them over the years.

This home was a design collaboration between Adler and Henry Dangler. Constructed in 1914, the home has 17 rooms, an in-ground pool, and a tennis court.  It was built for Joseph Cudahy (meat fortune) and his wife, Jean Morton (salt fortune). The original name of the home is Innisfail.  It is currently listed for $7.9 million.

According to the real estate listing, the home was once the setting for actual dog-and-pony shows that were staged long ago by the children of Lake Forest.

Here is the rear elevation, showing the classic balustrade and urns that ring the back of the home.

A private courtyard offers a refined outdoor setting.

The pristine pool.

And the tennis courts.

On to the interiors.  As in many Adler homes, this one features a substantial gallery.

No Adler home would be complete without a handsome wood-paneled library.

Entertaining guests is easy with these large salons.

One dines happily here.

Will you be the next caretaker of this architectural gem?

See the listing.