I confess:  I am an habitué of estate sales.  A good friend of mine and I haunt them regularly. We attended one this weekend, and I believe we stepped into the Black Hole of Home Decor.  Let me preface: Whenever I go to an estate sale, I can’t help but wonder about the home and the people who live or lived in it. Were they relocating? Was the sale the outcome of a foreclosure or bankruptcy?  I always feel uneasy upon entering one of these houses, as though I am treading on someone’s hallowed ground that is now reduced to piles of clothing and trinkets on a dusty floor.

Having said this, I was just plain scared at this sale.  I couldn’t help but whip out my camera to capture some of the decor elements.  Have you ever seen a teenage boy’s bedroom door adorned with a hand-painted Playboy logo?


Now, you have. Enter the chamber of desire, if you dare.

This house has been sold to a new owner. The place actually has a nice-looking exterior, and is situated on a large lot in a beautiful neighborhood.  The new occupants have a world of work ahead of them, but I wish them well.  And I truly hope that better, happier days lie ahead for the previous owners.