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Taking a road trip from Chicago, we visit Long Island’s Levittown, a then-revolutionary mass-produced postwar suburb.  Interesting perspective from CNN.  The main interviewee is a woman who, with her husband, purchased their first – and last – home in the newly-developed community with a $58 down payment.  The woman, Polly Dwyer, shares her perspective on a lifetime in what was called an “all-alike place.”

The article, here.

Photos of Levittown as a new community:

Photos of few houses that are currently for sale.  At the low end, a Cape Cod-style home that looks as though it has been untouched since it was built in 1949.  Asking price: $215,000.

$215,000 buys 1BR, 1BA

At the higher end, another Cape Cod that has seen substantial renovation.

$469,000 buys 5BR, 4BA